How to get a Deed Poll Replacement?
16. June 2024
Losing your original Deed Poll can be stressful, but Deed Poll Direct offers a straightforward replacement service to resolve this issue. A Deed Poll Replacement is a legal document that confirms your name change, listing both your former and current names along with the date of the change. This document is essential for updating records with various institutions like banks, government agencies, and employers.

Enrolled VS Unenrolled Deed Poll
10. May 2024
In the UK, individuals seeking to change their name often consider two options: an enrolled deed poll and an unenrolled deed poll. Understanding the differences between these two documents can help individuals make informed decisions about their name change process.

General Questions about Deed Poll Service UK
10. May 2024
Post any general questions about Deed Poll Service in the UK. We will try our best to get back to you.

Changing your child's name without the father's consent
09. May 2024
In the UK, changing a child's name via deed poll is a straightforward process, but it can become more complex if one parent wants to change the child's name without the other parent's consent. While ideally, both parents should agree on a child's name change, there are circumstances where one parent may seek to change the child's name without the other's consent, such as in cases of estrangement or where the other parent cannot be located.

Change Your Name on your Passport By a Deed Poll
03. May 2024
Changing your name on your passport through a deed poll is a straightforward process that ensures your travel documents accurately reflect your legal name. A deed poll is a legal document that allows you to officially change your name, and it's accepted by government institutions, including passport offices.

Change your Name on Driving Licence by Deed Poll
01. May 2024
How can you change your name on your Driving licence? Send your completed form to DVLA with your driving licence and your completed Deed Poll (original)

Change your name after marriage in the UK
09. April 2024
In the UK, changing your name after marriage is a choice many individuals make to reflect their new marital status. While taking your partner's surname is a common tradition, it's not mandatory. If you decide to change your name after marriage, you can do so through a deed poll, which is a legal document recognized by authorities.