What is a deed Poll?

We regularly receive the following questions about the meaning of Deed Poll;

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Deed Poll sometimes referred to as ‘’Change of Name Deed Poll’’, ‘’Deed of Change of Name’’, ‘‘Change of Name Deed’’, ‘‘Deed Poll Document’’, ‘‘Deed Poll Certificate’’, ‘’Deed Poll Form’’ and some people mistakenly call it ‘‘Dpoll’’ or ‘‘Dpol’’. 

The meaning of Deed Poll

Deed Poll is a legal document which proves a change of name. It can be used as legal evidence to show that you have changed your name.


On your Deed Poll you declare that you;

  • have stopped using your former name,
  • have started using your new name and
  • give authorisation for organisations and people to address you by your new name.

In order for the deed poll to be valid, it needs to be signed in the presence of a witness. Anyone over the age of 18 can witness your Deed Poll as long as they know you and they are independent of you. 'Independent' means they are not a relative, partner or someone who lives at the same address as you.


You can apply for a Deed Poll via our website. We guarantee that our issued Deed Poll will be accepted.