Change Your Name on your Passport By a Deed Poll

Changing your name on your passport through a deed poll is a straightforward process that ensures your travel documents accurately reflect your legal name. A deed poll is a legal document that allows you to officially change your name, and it's accepted by government institutions, including passport offices.


To change your name on your passport, you'll first need to obtain a deed poll. This involves completing the necessary paperwork, which typically includes your old name, new name, and signatures of witnesses. Once the deed poll is completed, it needs to be signed and dated in front of witnesses, and then you can start using your new name.


With your deed poll in hand, you can apply for a new passport. The application process usually involves submitting your old passport, deed poll, and any required forms to the passport office. They will then issue you a new passport with your updated name.


It's important to ensure that your passport reflects your legal name accurately to avoid any complications during travel. Changing your name on your passport by deed poll provides a legal and recognized means to do so, making it a hassle-free process for those seeking to update their identification documents.


How can we help?

You can apply for a Deed Poll to change any part of your name by using our fast, simple, and stress-free Deed Poll service.


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