How to Change Your Name by a Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a legally binding document that proves a change of name. It can be used as legal evidence to show that you have changed your name. Also, It needs to be signed in the presence of a witness. 


Anyone over the age of 18 can witness your Deed Poll as long as they know you and they are independent of you. 'Independent' means they are not a relative, partner or someone who lives at the same address as you.


You do not need your Deed Poll to be signed or drafted by a solicitor. There are no legal requirements to do so.


You can legally change your name if you are 16 years of age or over, unless there are related court orders or legal restrictions in place against you, or you intend to deceive someone. For under 16 years of age, please click here

How to use a Deed Poll

Deed Poll can not be used to change historical records. Therefore, Deed Poll can't be used to change your name on your original marriage, birth, civil partnership, divorce decree absolute, educational or professional certificates. However, a Deed Poll can still be used as legal evidence to show your change of name alongside your historical records. 


You can still use a Deed Poll to change your name on your passport, driving license, bank accounts and all other official non-historical documents and records.


There is no official central register of name changes in the UK. You do not need to register your Deed Poll anywhere.

How to apply

Apply for a Deed Poll online, then receive it by post. The process is quick and simple.


1. Apply Online

  • Go to ''Apply Now'' page.
  • Complete the form and pay securely.
  • A receipt will be emailed to you at the end.

2. Execute 

  • Receive your deed poll by post.
  • Date and sign the Deed Poll.
  • Comprehensive guide will be provided.

 3. Notify


Use your Deed Poll to support your applications to change your name on your documents, as well as to update your other records e.g. bank account, utility bills, etc.