Enrolled VS Unenrolled Deed Poll

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In the UK, individuals seeking to change their name often consider two options: an enrolled deed poll and an unenrolled deed poll. Understanding the differences between these two documents can help individuals make informed decisions about their name change process.


- Enrolled Deed Poll

An enrolled deed poll is a legal document registered with the Royal Courts of Justice. It provides evidence of a name change and can be used for updating government-issued documents like passports and driving licences. However, enrolling a deed poll can be a time-consuming and costly process, involving additional administrative steps and fees.


- Unenrolled Deed Poll

On the other hand, an unenrolled deed poll is a simpler and more straightforward option. It is not registered with any official authority but still carries the same legal weight as an enrolled deed poll. Unenrolled deed polls can also be used for updating government-issued documents like passports and driving licences. Despite not being registered, unenrolled deed polls are widely accepted by most organizations and institutions in the UK.


For many individuals, an unenrolled deed poll is sufficient for their needs. It provides a quick and cost-effective way to change their name without the need for formal registration. Most government agencies, banks, employers, and other organizations accept unenrolled deed polls as evidence of a name change.


In conclusion, while an enrolled deed poll offers official registration and recognition, an unenrolled deed poll is often sufficient for most name change purposes in the UK. Individuals should consider their specific needs and the level of formality required before choosing between the two options.


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